AI-Powered Enterprise Knowledge Management

How much of your organization's most valuable data is actually being shared and leveraged? It resides in a multitude of systems, files and databases and is rarely available across an enterprise. The format of these data types is also highly fragmented. The key to getting to it is making sure it’s stored centrally, in a way that breaks down the silos and removes barriers to access. This is where Lucy come in. She absorbs, analyzes and delivers insights from the entirety of your enterprise knowledge.

A Single Interface & Login

Lucy reads, listens and watches every document, audio and video file from your Box, Dropbox, Sharepoint and other common file systems. Anytime new information is added or updated she learns that too. She can even connect to third-party data sources. When a member of your team has a question that could be answered by your trove of internal data assets, Lucy’s system makes it easy. She transforms enterprise knowledge into an easy to access trove of crucial insights.

Natural Language Processing

Trained in natural language processing, Lucy understands grammar and context, and evaluates all possible meanings. When a member of your team has a question that could be answered by your trove of internal data assets, Lucy’s system makes it easy. Ask her what you’re looking for and she will do more than point you to the sources with answers. She delivers the specific answer unit within the relevant assets.

Machine Learning

Lucy combs through more data in a minute than a marketing team could go through in a year. Her AI search skills, which continue to learn and improve with feedback, make the data accessible to every employee at every level. That means better decision-making for all. You’re not just gaining access to all your data from one place, you’re really creating an expert resource on your brand.

Putting Lucy to the Challenge

A Global 100 tested Lucy's AI-powered research vs. their existing enterprise knowledge management system used by sales & marketing. The company performed a formal audit conducted by the Company’s Knowledge Management Team after Lucy had undergone her initial level of training. Both platforms had the capability to return multiple answers for each question and results were evaluated for accuracy.

How to Evaluate and Implement AI-Powered Knowledge Management

New technology can be daunting. To help, we developed a guide with actionable advice that will help you to evaluate different systems, plan for implementation, and deploy a successful solution.

Talk to us. Lucy wants to help.