Client Stories: Active International

“With the explosion of artificial intelligence applications, it is often difficult to differentiate tools that will have an actual positive impact versus those with false promises. After evaluating potential options, we decided to partner with Equals 3, and put their system Lucy in the hands of our team. Working together we looked at the time our team spent in various databases and identified the perfect first use test for Lucy to prove her efficiency—and she did.”

 Catherine Boera - SVP Director of Communication Planning

Initial Challenge

Active International is an innovator in financial and marketing solutions bringing insights and expertise that help brands build strategies enabling them to innovate while they operate and achieve transformative results. The Active International team takes an immersive approach to fully understand targeted consumer behavior to drive action which helps yield the best results. Initial insights are derived from 3rd party data sources such as MRI. Though this step is critical to the process, running reports in MRI had become time consuming, taking away time that could be better devoted to strategy development, planning and executing on the findings.



Active International employed Lucy to streamline the workflow process of their MRI data. For the numerous brands they work with, the questions are repetitive but each individual report requires time and specific category related queries. To free up time and focus on decision making, the team was looking for a way to optimize the MRI data and speed up the process to achieve their client’s ultimate goals.


Active International + Lucy = Results

The Equals 3 team worked closely with Catherine Boera, SVP Director Communications Planning of Active International, to identify the MRI questions to train Lucy to answer. Together, they developed a template to direct Lucy on how to report on the information she found. Now trained, with a click of her Snapshot button Lucy dives into the most recent MRI data and packages her answers into an easily a digestible report for her Active International team members. With Lucy, reports that used to take an entire morning, can now be done in minutes. This allows Active International to spend less time trying to compile the data and leaves more time to develop strategy and drive results.



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