Client Stories: Brandpoint

“We've been able to kick-start our strategy research using Lucy's Persona and Brand Insights tools. Lucy gives us useful audience data and initial insights to help guide our talented strategy team to dive deeper into our clients' audiences and competitors”

Andy Krall - Digital Marketing Manager, Brandpoint

Initial Challenge

Our content marketing agency faces two primary challenges in our strategic process:

  1. There is limited data that's readily available for the development of audience insights that inform our content marketing strategies.
  2. Competitive data is time-consuming to collect from various different sources.
Our strategy development is very time and labor intensive in that we invest a significant amount of staff time researching our clients' businesses—their industry, audiences, competitors, solutions, etc. We use various tools to help make the data gathering process more efficient but are always looking for more options. In addition, we want to find tools that help us gather even more intel.



We looked forward to using Lucy to help inform our audience analyses by giving us quicker access and deeper intel to persona information based on known audience characteristics.

In addition, we were interested in gaining quick access to brand and competitor insights.


Brandpoint + Lucy = Results

We've been able to use Lucy to develop personas based on social data around known audience characteristics such as client-specific interests. Lucy informs us on imagery, words and consumption preferences of these targeted audience segments. These personas aid our strategy team to give access to detailed audience data quickly which we pair with additional audience research that our team does.

Also, Lucy’s Brand Insights provides great initial data to help guide our strategy team's deeper brand and competitor research.

Overall, Lucy is speeding up the delivery of insights and recommendations, allowing us to serve our clients quicker and with an even deeper understanding of needs.




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