Client Stories: Supporting New Employees Working From Home

“As a new employee working from home, Lucy is especially helpful! I don’t have to bother others with lots of questions as I familiarized myself with how things are done. Lucy empowers me to explore our company’s assets and find the answers I need on my own. This helps me get up to speed much quicker and do my job more efficiently.”

- Global Graduate Management New Hire, Fortune 1000 CPG

Project: Competitor Analysis Report

Challenges to the Employee

  • Still learning company terms, branding, metrics used and how data is presented.
  • Working remotely so there is not the ability to simply turn to a colleague for quick questions.
  • Not aware of what has been done in the past or where to get it.
  • Wanting to avoid taking up too much time of others or interrupting their work.

Working with Lucy = Results

  • By asking Lucy for past competitor and brand analysis, the employee was able to quickly familiarize herself with how normally performance is measured and data is visualized by the company.
  • Lucy found a similar report created two years ago that was downloaded to use as a template – saving the time of having to start from scratch.
  • Lucy’s support also saved other colleagues time that would have been spent answering questions and assisting with the learning curve.

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 10.43.14 AM

In respect to the privacy of our client’s data and competitive intelligence we can not share brand details or client specific screen shots. The case study shared is specific to the client’s shared story/success but the screenshot of Lucy is purely demo content / not a client’s.

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