Client Stories: Horizon Media

“The greatest ‘fix’ Lucy provided was enabling me to build a new business story on my own versus having to involve many groups across Horizon. Everyone was able to stay focused on their current client priorities, while I was able to deliver a winning pitch in a short amount of time to the prospect.”

Pedro Rodriguez - Vice President, Business Growth, Digital Marketing & Transformation at Horizon Media


As a global leader in data-driven media and marketing, Horizon Media continually invests in the best-in-class research and technology to help their clients make the most timely and informed decisions about their business. In exploring different use cases for AI to benefit the agency and their clients, the business development process was one area where they were hoped to gain efficiencies. Building business is an important aspect to agency work, yet the time and amount of people involved in the initial information gathering process to build a pitch can be resource intensive. Insights needed to build a compelling new business story were spread across different formats, sources and groups. That meant the business development lead spent time fielding information from various groups across Horizon, eating up valuable time and effort from everyone involved.



Horizon wanted to find a way to keep teams focused on current clients and billable jobs, while still being able to develop new relationships. Working with Equals 3, they wanted to see how Lucy’s AI-powered knowledge management could help:

• To save time and resources during the information gathering process for business development.
• To quickly access business and competitive intelligence across various formats and sources.
• To effectively and efficiently build a compelling narrative for a new business presentation.



When an opportunity for new business in the apparel category was presented, Lucy was put to work. Instead of hunting down information from different groups, Lucy was asked questions around digital site performance, media spend and market Intel on both the prospect and its competition. With Lucy’s help, just one team member was able to quickly build a compelling business pitch without having to spend time gathering answers from different subject matter experts across the agency. The presentation won Horizon the opportunity to move to the second round where strategic conversations with the prospect could now take place.

With Lucy’s help, Horizon was able to create efficiencies, increase productivity, and gain a competitive advantage to drive future success. Groups could stay focused on current work while business development was able to find data and insights needed in the shortest amount of time.


Lucy saved time, effort and resources in building a business pitch to a potential client.

Lucy saved time, effort and resources in building a business pitch to a potential client.

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