Client Stories: Lucy Saves Time and Uncovers Lost Knowledge

“With Lucy, I was able to deliver a higher quality, more informative report to our research agency⏤within a shorter time period. Lucy saved me time and found me valuable information I would have never known existed.”

-Sr. Manager Consumer Research

Project: Onboarding a research agency for project kickoff meeting

Challenges to the Employee

  • Time searching file names to find primary and secondary research reports on consumer behavior.
  • Reading each report for relevancy and to find specific information within it.
  • Centralizing the information by placing reports in a shared folder and then coordinating emails to notify stakeholders about the location and details on which page to reference within different reports.

Working with Lucy = Results

  • Working with Lucy it took less than 30 minutes to complete what typically took about two hours.
  • Lucy found relevant information that was created by predecessors that would not have been found or used by the traditional search method.
  • Lucy streamlined collaboration by being able to click and save answers to a project, then simply adding stakeholders to the project in order to easily share the reports and specific pages of interest.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 12.22.41 PM

In respect to the privacy of our client’s data and competitive intelligence we can not share brand details or client specific screen shots. The case study shared is specific to the client’s shared story/success but the screenshot of Lucy is purely demo content / not a client’s.

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