Client Stories: The TEAM Companies

“Lucy solves a problem businesses have been grappling with for years—how to effectively manage all of the information living across different systems and file types. With Lucy, finally all of an organization’s accumulated knowledge can be easily found and leveraged. It’s not just about search, it’s about finding the right and most relevant information. Lucy is transforming businesses that depend on knowledge management.”

Greg Smith - COO, The TEAM Companies


As a leading payroll, business affairs and technology provider for the advertising and entertainment industries, The TEAM Companies has established itself as a knowledge-driven organization with deep industry insight and the ability to interpret and communicate the nuances of union agreements and labor laws. With this expertise comes a massive amount of data and reference documents to manage. There are times when discussing a particular nuance with a client leads to extensive searching through legal documents or tracking down a particular matter expert.



TEAM was looking for a way to harness the collective experience of their subject matter experts and ever-evolving knowledge documents. Staff needed a way to quickly access, navigate and take advantage of all of the business intelligence accumulated and stored across their file systems. They turned to Equals 3 and the power of Lucy to create an internal knowledge management platform that could continue to learn and grow with the company. The system was to become the key assistant and knowledge resource to team members in order to deliver the most effective and efficient service for their clients.



Working together, Equals 3 and TEAM created KAT powered by Lucy. KAT (standing for Knowledge @ TEAM) was fed resources from within TEAM’s extensive knowledge library and, though still in the early stage of implementation, the benefits of AI-powered knowledge management are already showing. One example was shared by a happy staff member who was having discussions with a client about a particularly complicated issue. She asked KAT about the issue and immediately found an on-point answer within a document addressing just the specific topic she needed. She was instantly able to provide the client the insight needed – demonstrating exemplary client service and saving everyone involved valuable time. TEAM plans to continue adding more reference information to the system and exploring multiple use cases, as the system continues to learn their business and mature. KAT is considered an important feature of TEAM’s future growth.


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