Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

Knowledge workers—including marketers, researchers, business development teams, sales, customer support and leadership—are challenged to find information that already exists but is hidden within a company’s files and systems. Companies spend millions of dollars on redundant work and overworked professionals are struggling to keep up with ever-increasing demands for their time.

Usually, the game of enterprise search leads to employees piecing together findings based on a deep exploration process (aka, digging through lots and lots of files). Or just giving up and starting over.
Tom and jerryAI-Powered Knowledge Management solutions, like Lucy, are turning the tables on this game. Take a look at some of the common situations where Lucy uncovers hidden data.

Even better, unlike other systems, no one has to first collect all the information and move it into a new platform (that eventually just becomes a new hiding place). Lucy seeks out the information right where it is at—automatically winning at the game of data hide and seek.

Help your company recognize significant ROI when you bring aboard a Knowledge Management System like Lucy. We'd love to chat about where Lucy could take on a data challenge for you! 

Uploading is Obsolete! Automated Knowledge Management is the New Standard

AI-powered knowledge management systems now have the ability to remove time-consuming, manual processes of uploading, tagging and curation using automation. See what's possible in our latest white paper.

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