Content Marketing Summit: Amplifying and Optimizing Impact

[Panel Discussion] Scott Litman, Managing Partner of Equals 3 joined a panel at this PRSA event.

Data Discussion: Translating Data Into Stories that Engage Management

The session will cover the role that data plays in content marketing. It isn't just about the content being created; in order to be successful, there needs to be a strategy that’s derived and refined based on analytics.

Moderator: Dr. Michael Porter, APR, University of St. Thomas
Speaker: Scott Litman, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Equals3
Speaker: Chris Spong, Digital Content and Marketing Manager, Nina Hale
Speaker: David Harman, Assistant Professor, University of St. Thomas

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How to Evaluate & Implement AI-Powered Knowledge Management

Implementing a new system business-wide can be a daunting task. We developed this guide to provide a process for successful evaluation and implementation of AI-powered knowledge management options.

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