Equals 3 Announces Company Name Change to Lucy Along With Redesigned Website

When we started Equals 3, our goal was to help organizations leverage knowledge for individual and market success using the latest innovations in artificial intelligence. While doing so, Lucy® was born.

Since then, we've invested countless hours into Lucy, making sure that you can leverage enterprise data at your fingertips. As Lucy continues to evolve with the market, we at Equals 3 are also evolving as we continue to work at expanding her capabilities, look, and use. With that being said, we've created a brand, new website and changed our name.


Lucy, our flagship product, is also now our namesake. While we have enjoyed the name Equals 3, we are very excited about the simplification of our new company name. It allows us to better represent our business. In addition, we have changed our website significantly to better showcase who Lucy is and how she benefits our clients.

For more information check out the official press release.


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