Podcast: How AI Named Lucy Is Changing Lives

Scott Litman and Jeff Nowak chat about how Lucy came to be, problems AI can solve for businesses and what organizations should consider as they begin their AI journey.

Here is what you'll learn:

2:30 – Why entrepreneurship is a team sports game.

4:48 – Creating a structured marketing opportunity to unstructured data.

7:15 – Extending the ROI to primary data owned by the enterprise.

9:00 – Introducing Lucy. “She is the AI companion to the research and marketing professional.”

11:45 – Lucy’s BIG appetite for data, and how she serves herself.

15:53 – Ask a natural language question; receive a practical, useful response.

19:07 – Lucy was just a glimmer in Watson’s eye.

25:38 – SMB market quickly on the horizon for Lucy.

26:33 – Quantifying and tracking Lucy’s impact on business ops.

32:26 – Holding Lucy accountable.

34:00 – Predicting the future of AI. What should be on your radar?

38:20 – Why Scott Litman is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs.


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