Lucy and KnowledgeHound have teamed up!

We are excited to announce a new partnership with KnowledgeHound, the first search-driven analytics platform for survey data that helps teams instantly discover and visualize answers.

Together, Lucy and KnowledgeHound eliminate silos and make it incredibly easy for users to find answers and explore insights across unstructured and structured marketing data—all in one place.
Lucy loves KnowledgeHound
Why is this important? Next generation knowledge portals will go beyond informational asset search, they will also find answers across your people, surveys and other critical marketing data. Lucy is enabling this future by partnering with the best of breed data discovery tools like KnowledgeHound to ensure our clients always have a data-driven advantage. 

For more information check out the official press release.

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Uploading is Obsolete! Automated Knowledge Management is the New Standard

AI-powered knowledge management systems now have the ability to remove time-consuming, manual processes of uploading, tagging and curation using automation. See what's possible in our latest white paper.

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