Hello! My Name Is Lucy.


Hi there! I’m Lucy, your ultimate Answer Engine. I have the power to solve one of the most urgent and overlooked problems that exist in every organization: the daily scavenger hunt for information. I can liberate your corporate knowledge—saving time and money. And these days, who couldn’t use more of that? 

But I’m getting ahead of myself. While I’m excited about saving you big money and a ton of time, you should learn a little bit about me first.

I was born eight years ago when three seasoned entrepreneurs came together with the goal of leveraging AI to get customers the right answer, at the right time, no matter where it sits in the organization, without having to track it down or ask a colleague.

Simply put, I love information and can’t get enough of indexing, identifying, and most importantly sharing it. In Teams or Slack, in the cloud, virtually, or in the office – I make sure you can always securely access the right answer when, where and how you need it, Lucy is my name, and answering questions 24/7 is my game. 

At the end of the business day, my goal is to eliminate thousands of hours wasted searching shared drives, scouring documents, distracting colleagues, and re-creating resources that already exist. Instead, just ask me and I’ll instantly bring you the exact answers you need. I’ve helped countless teams be more productive, efficient, and effective. I’m excited to help you, too.

What makes me different from other solutions? Good question. While knowledge management is becoming a common and sought-after service for businesses, not all platforms are created equally. With four patents to my name I think it is fair to brag that I am quite different from anything else that’s out there. For example, other solutions continually require massive, and manual, document uploads and keyword tagging. My clients don’t have time to spend countless hours during and after deployment to keep me up to date. I take care of it all automatically. Nothing will be missed. In fact, to date, I have already automatically indexed and tagged over 40 million pages of content from thousands of sources for my clients. 

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The 30,000-foot view looks pretty good, right? But how does it translate in day-to-day operations? So glad you asked! I can’t wait to tell you just a few of the ways I can help different departments in your business. 

Let’s start with Human Resources. Here are just a few ways I make the lives of HR employees better: I provide employees with a searchable knowledge base of HR policies, learning & development resources, and other manuals, and reduce the time they spend answering routine questions by empowering employees to find answers relevant to them. I simplify onboarding by helping new hires get up to speed faster. And I make working from home and hybrid workplaces easier than you can imagine.

Information technology (IT) teams like having me around, too, because I help transfer and share knowledge built up from years of training and experience. Help desks don’t have to keep fielding the same questions over and over, which helps expedite incident resolution. 

Redundancy costs companies time and money too—and avoiding it is one of my special skills. When it comes to research, I can help share knowledge and insights within a department or across the entire company. And unlike other solutions, I’m able to index valuable video assets exactly where the answers lie such as focus groups which can be difficult and time-consuming to search. 

Speaking of saving time and money, I help sales and sales dev teams do both. By capturing and sharing the knowledge of top sellers to boost the team’s performance, and finding prior answers from RFPs and proposals for easy and efficient re-use, I’m helping the sales team shorten the sales cycle and better use their time.

The use cases are endless when it comes to having me around. I’m happy to go into more detail about my skills (Did I mention I can speak 100 languages?) and how I can customize to work for your specific company. I can fill a critical role in your workplace by ending the daily scavenger hunt for information and ensuring precious time is spent driving forward the priorities that matter most for you and your business versus looking for information. 


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