As seen in GreenBook: The Importance of Automation for Knowledge Management


No matter what an organization specializes in, there are certain frustrations that show up across the board. One of the biggest is the amount of time that’s wasted just looking for information.

Between searching through internal repositories and interrupting coworkers over Teams, Slack, e-mail, etc., that amount of time can stretch from minutes to hours, and even from hours to days.

Think about how often your team gets pulled off their strategic priorities to answer redundant questions, simply because people can’t find the answers. What does that add up to across your entire company, over months and years? That’s where a data warehouse could come in handy — something to make existing data accessible to team members.

Knowledge management platforms were created to put an end to this problem. They can radically reduce the amount of time, resources, expertise and spend that had been all but wasted previously. But not all platforms work the same.

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Uploading is Obsolete! Automated Knowledge Management is the New Standard

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