As seen in GreenBook: Insights or Intuition? How Knowledge Management Improves Data Driven Decision Making


We, as humans, are making decisions every single day. While some are bigger than others, at each intersection we call upon all the information we have in order to make these decisions. What happens when we can’t find information to inform our decisions? Specifically when it comes to decision-making at work, where we are often left with only partial information to inform our strategy.

The 2021 Talend survey states that 36 percent of executives rely on intuition to make the majority of their decisions. If top-level executives go with their gut to make decisions, how do less experienced employees make informed decisions?

When data is spread out across the organization, no one can find it to make an informed decision

Organizations have vast repositories of data. For most organizations, this includes millions of pages of PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, word documents, Podcasts, and Video content, plus so much more. Much of which holds a wealth of carefully curated insights and research about the business. And with each passing day, more and more information is being created.

With this influx of data spread across departments, repositories, and geographies, decisions are too often left to be made with only what employees can readily find due to the speed and demands of the business. Usually, the quest for knowledge stops when the first answer is found, which most often is not the best—merely an answer to in order to move on.

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