Introducing Lucy: The marketing industry’s new best friend.

A seismic change is coming to the world of marketing.

Digital tools that existed only in imagination are now taking form. These innovations will change the way brand marketers and media buyers and planners do their work. And Equals 3 is on the cusp of this revolution.

We’re a team of seasoned tech entrepreneurs who brought Lucy to life so marketing could be enhanced by the same cognitive computing magic we’ve seen advance other industries.

With Lucy on your side, your team is more than the sum of its parts.

You + Lucy = 3.

IBM built an artificial intelligence that disrupted the healthcare industry. They called him “Watson.”

Watson is a billion-plus dollar investment: a supercomputer with unique abilities. He first made a splash in 2011, when he won a victory over Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. Watson is potentially the most advanced AI on the planet: an intelligence that can understand natural language, use data to form hypotheses and learn from feedback.


IBM put Watson to work solving a crucial problem in the healthcare industry: the body of knowledge in medicine is expanding exponentially. Doctors once relied on their education, their life experience and consultations with colleagues to make diagnoses. The digital universe of medical intelligence offered a fourth source of knowledge—but it’s a universe far too vast for a human to take in, and its data doesn’t come in predigested, keyword-searchable bits.

With Watson, that changed. He provides AI assistance, digesting all the data, tracking down further details, looking for patterns, offering suggestions for the next step and considering options that his human counterpart might miss. By using Watson, doctors can now make better decisions than ever before. One doctor + Watson = more than the sum of their parts.

The team at Equals 3 will deliver the power of Watson to the marketing industry.

At Equals 3, our founders have been at the forefront of digital innovation, recognizing breakthrough marketing technology that will change business and bringing digital transformation to some of the worlds biggest companies. Amongst our three founders, we have built six successful companies capitalizing on tech plus our uncanny sense of “what’s next?” From early web development services at Imaginet, to media buying platform Spot Buy Spot, to advertising tech NetGI, to mobile smarts with iRGONOMIC and enterprise software management giant Magnet 360 — we’ve always been one step ahead of the market.

Lucy is our vision for marketing’s next step. Industries that can benefit from super-smart, super-fast access to vast amounts of data will all need cognitive computing’s power to stay competitive. We’re the first to integrate multiple competencies into one easy-to-talk-to, easy-to-teach cognitive helper for marketers. Using Lucy—powered by Watson—helps transform every step in the marketing process, from research to segmentation to media planning and buying. Change is coming.

With Equals 3 and Lucy, you’ll be ready.


Watch for news next week on Lucy's official launch.

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