Leveraging AI To Improve Workflow: 12 Tips For Agencies

Artificial intelligence, if properly implemented, allows a business to automate a large volume of repetitive tasks. For an agency, this can be a godsend, as it removes a lot of the drudgery involved in the industry. Instead of spending hours working on administrative reports, creatives within an enterprise can dedicate that time to exploring their ideas. Forbes Agency Council

Scott Severson of Brandpoint was one of the 12 professionals from Forbes Agency Council who shared how agencies can use AI to help improve and better manage their workflow.

"We use an AI called Lucy. Lucy allows us to ingest massive quantities of data that a client has already created as well as our own research and third-party data. We can then access all of this data via natural language search. This allows us to better utilize data in a fraction of the time. The result is insightful, data-driven strategies for our clients, in less time." - Scott Severson, Brandpoint

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