“Lucy Speak” - Intelligent Search 101

If your search habits were formed by systems using labels or tags, you’ll be surprised at how much freedom you have when asking Lucy questions! When Lucy joins as your AI-powered knowledge management system, finding the information you want gets a lot easier. Her natural language processing allows her to understand queries structured like those you would ask a human.

Let’s look at some examples.

SkyNet Insight

What you need: Business intelligence
You’re searching for comparative, detailed sales data for one of your company's brands, SkyNet, but you don’t know the exact internal classification systems that division uses for its sales—no problem.
Ask Lucy: What are SkyNet’s sales by product category?
Lucy brings back…. the sales data organized by product category from a customized report done by a market analyst who left the company two months ago. She also returns a second result pulled from a slightly older PDF that included insightful narrative, and a third result from a word document that summarized product sales used in an internal meeting.

Ask other questions—like this:

  • What are the 2017 operating revenues for SkyNet?
  • What percent of SkyNet sales are from repeat customers?

What you need: A specific form of competitive intelligence.
You need a SWOT analysis for SkyNet, and chances are some market researcher put one together at some point. If your search capabilities were limited to keyword tags, you’d look for “SWOT analysis” or “SkyNet,” and spend hours scanning through all the results. Instead…
Ask Lucy: Do you have a SWOT analysis for SkyNet?
Lucy brings back…the exact SWOT analysis, which she found on slides 30-34 of the relevant PowerPoint presentation. She takes you directly to your answer, not just to the document or file that contains it.

Then, ask her other questions like this:

  • Do you have a recommended media mix for SkyNet?
  • Where does SkyNet rank best against its competitors?

What you need: A super-fast shortcut.
Even when you’ve been working on a project for long enough to become an expert, you don’t always have source material tidily bookmarked. You need to copy the language the SkyNet corporation uses to talk about its latest initiative, and you’d like to have it before you lose your train of thought.
Ask Lucy: What has Lt. Gen. Robert Brewster said about teaching STEM skills to girls?
Lucy brings back… a video of a recent talk where Brewster mentioned the subject, open to the specific point where he addresses it; and three paragraphs of a corporate newsletter from 2016 Q3. Just what you needed to finish the project.

Other questions might look like this:

  • What was the impact of the SkyNet Coding Lifts Lives program?
  • What are the conclusions of the SkyNet Vision 2030 report?

What you need: An insight into a specific brand.
Your agency has had the SkyNet account for years, but you just joined the team, and you need insights without opening every Dropbox file labeled “SkyNet.”
Ask Lucy: How loyal are SkyNet customers?
Lucy brings back… concluding sections mentioning SkyNet customer loyalty from two reports she found in Dropbox and relevant paragraphs pulled from four different documents she found in Google Drive, plus the spot in an audio recording where the SkyNet CMO was sharing findings on that same topic.

Other questions such as:

  • Why do people like SkyNet?
  • How successful is SkyNet’s use of social media?

What you need: Higher-order insights into industries and trends.
Cognitive search delivers for more sophisticated queries too. Your challenge is to strategize around the next five years. How will you ask Lucy what you need?
Ask Lucy: How do we build better consumer loyalty programs?
Lucy brings back… a strategy report from your consumer insights team in Europe, a page of recommendations within a keynote your agency put together last year, plus thought leadership from eMarketer.

Other questions to consider:

  • What are steps missile defense companies can take to not get left behind?
  • What will the global missile defense market be in 2025?

Lucy finds answers. Learn to ask her questions that guide her, and she’ll pinpoint just what you need. Quickly and efficiently. Just like the researcher you want her to be.




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