Equals 3 Showcases Lucy at World of Watson, Shares Insights on How Cognitive Companion Is Impacting Marketers

NEW YORK – October 24, 2016 – Today Equals 3 takes the stage at IBM World of Watson 2016 to discuss its cloud-based marketing solution Lucy. Launched earlier this year and powered by IBM Watson, Lucy is a true cognitive companion for Fortune 1000 marketers and advertising/media agencies.

Since her launch, Lucy has been successfully adopted by a number of companies, including Havas Media – one of the world’s largest media planning and buying agencies. Initial results showed the agency achieving a 75-percent reduction in vendor cost and experiencing a seven-times-faster campaign deployment.

"Traditionally, we've spent a significant amount of time seeking the answers and data to help in our planning process," said Laura McElhinney, SVP, Director of Media Technology at Havas Media. "With Lucy, any one on my team can gain immediate access to the research we need. The benefit this has brought to us and our clients has enabled us expand her use across additional teams and brands."

McElhinney joins Equals 3 CTO Marc Dispensa and IBM Watson Program Director Rahul Singhal on stage at WOW this afternoon to discuss Lucy’s benefits and cognitive capabilities in greater detail. The panel, Driven by Data: Marketing's Cognitive Revolution,” begins at 2PM PST.

Dispensa and Equals 3 Co-founder Scott Litman will also be speaking at:

  • “Supercharge Your Social Marketing with Cognitive Insights and Hyper-Targeted Content”

Monday, 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM PST | Islander F | Session ID: 3095A

Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages on multiple social channels, every day. The key to breaking through the noise is to turn social media data into actionable insights. Hear from our panel on how several companies are using Watson to better understand their audiences, target campaigns with greater precision, and drive significant business results.

Speakers: Ryan Detert, Influential; Javier Burón, Audiense; Carolyn Calzavara, IBM; Jason Jercinovic, Havas Worldwide; Scott Litman, Equals 3


  • “Developing for a Cognitive Era”

Monday, 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM PST | Redefining Development Theater, Booth #957 | Session ID: 3932A

Developers are the architects, builders and creators of the Cognitive Era. Through new APIs and services, developers can build systems that see, hear and talk. And now, machine learning and data analytics services enable developers to build systems that actually understand. Join this session to learn from what others have done and start out on your own path to discover how and what you can build in this new cognitive era.

Speakers: Rob High, IBM; Bob Lord, IBM; Stefania Kaczmarczyk, IBM; Marc Dispensa, Equals 3


"Over the last few months, we’ve seen how quickly Lucy is able to learn. Users are training her everyday by asking questions, and for every future user who asks a related question, Lucy will know how to respond," said Marc Dispensa. "She also supplements clients' proprietary data by digesting multiple sources of general information from the U.S. Census Bureau, Similar Web, Kantar and others."

Lucy includes several IBM Watson services, including Retrieve and Rank, Natural Language Classifier, Personality Insights and Tradeoff Analytics. Combined, these IBM Watson APIs allow Lucy to comprehend vast amounts of structured and unstructured marketing data and provide detailed, sophisticated answers in seconds. For a short video demonstration of Lucy at work or to schedule an in-person demonstration, visit http://www.equals3.ai/howdoeslucywork.


To learn more about IBM World of Watson, visit http://www-01.ibm.com/software/events/wow/.


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About Equals 3

Founded in 2015, Equals 3 creates advertising and marketing solutions leveraging the cognitive computing power of IBM’s Watson. An IBM Watson developer partner, Equals 3 is part of a community of over 80,000 developers building with the dozens of APIs available on the open Watson Developer Cloud platform. Equals 3 also joins 500 developer partners who have created novel apps and businesses using with Watson APIs, 100 of which have commercialized solutions.


Equals 3 believes the best results occur through “Man-Machine Symbiosis” – the idea that an individual can benefit from the power of technology to be stronger than the individual, and stronger than the technology, alone. Its latest product, Lucy, is a cloud-based supercomputer designed to help Fortune 1000 brands and the agencies that serve them solve today’s biggest marketing problems across research, segmentation and planning. For more information on Lucy, visit http://www.equals3.ai/faq.


About Havas Media Group
Havas Media Group gathers together the global media expertise of Havas Group, one of the leading global communications and marketing groups. It consists of three media brands, Havas Media, Arena Media and FullSix Media, as well as Havas Sports & Entertainment, the industry’s largest brand engagement network.


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