Strategizing or Searching? How is your team spending their time?

No matter which department or industry you are in it is clear—the status quo of searching for information is antiquated and costly on many levels. Organizations want to focus on strategizing their next business decision, not searching within their own files. Lucy's technology plays a critical role in prioritization with her search capabilities that empower team members to share knowledge resources and insights, collaborate more effectively, and operate in a do-it-yourself environment. The power of Lucy not only connects an entire organization together but allows teams to concentrate on what's important. 

The great thing about Lucy is she can work for your team's specific goals and challenges. She can help anyone anytime or any day.  Check out below just a few examples on why Lucy is such a valued employee for teams across the globe. 


Sales Enablement

A tremendous amount of information lives in presentations, case studies, sales playbooks and RFP responses that sales enablement teams are constantly in and out of.  The constant content creation creates less optimization, sales and marketing teams out of sync and time wasted on administrative tasks. With Lucy the whole team is guaranteed to find the the latest up to date content at the right time. Allowing the team to conduct a more effective sales process and achieve better sales results.

Research & Insights

These groups are responsible for finding the latest insights and trends related to business challenges influencing the company's strategic planning. They often have too many sources for one person to search through, difficulty scaling past efforts from processors before and limited view on the internal data another team member may have. With Lucy's ability to mine prior research, subscriptions and tools she solve these challenges in a matter of minutes. 

Human Resources

HR teams can be stuck in a constant cycle of redundancy by answering the same routine questions creating long onboarding/new hire process. Remote/Hybrid creates even more difficulty to this by not being in person to answer or having the latest up to date materials readily available. Lucy works as a virtual assistant for employee on-boarding and support. Wherever an employee is working from, Lucy can provide answers contained within HR manuals, company historical information, training videos and other support materials. 

Customer Success 

The customer success team takes a proactive, data-led approach to helping customers more effectively use their product. They need access to proper documentation, case notes and the most relevant up-to-date information. The CS team struggles with redundancy of answering routine questions and inconsistent answer delivery to the clients due to content being scattered across multiple systems. Lucy unifies the knowledge living across teams and makes it easy to review, ensuring consistent information is being passed on to the customer on every channel. 

Information Technology

In many large organizations, IT is responsible for providing technical assistance across the entire organization. Due to existing systems being deployed by prior teams and contractors the "know how" is often lost. This creates repetitive efforts on researching incidents/tickets and inconsistency of technical documentation. Lucys ability to source documentation and support material can not only keep the entire IT team up to date with the latest information, but reduce the time and efforts on repetitive tickets and incidents being created.


Want to dive deeper into how Lucy works?

Check out the KMWorld 2021 Webinar on How to Drive Adoption and ROI :Start with a Use Case.



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