Featured on Forbes: The Cost Of Doing Nothing With Your Data

Dan Mallin is CEO & Founder of Lucy, a one-stop AI-powered knowledge platform for all the data an organization owns and licenses.

As businesses get settled into the new world of hybrid work, executives are focusing on the best tools to help their teams succeed while navigating new challenges. Ease, productivity and collaboration are the main buzzwords as companies try to make hybrid situations work. Perhaps the most important goal as new solutions and platforms are evaluated is efficiency.


This is particularly important to enterprise organizations with huge amounts of data. No matter where employees work—whether home, office, or both—the value of a company’s data can be the fine line between success and eventual failure.

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Uploading is Obsolete! Automated Knowledge Management is the New Standard

AI-powered knowledge management systems now have the ability to remove time-consuming, manual processes of uploading, tagging and curation using automation. See what's possible in our latest white paper.

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