The Problem Companies Aren't Talking About


Perspectives from the Lucy Team


“How do your employees find the daily answers they need to do their jobs?” This is a question I find myself asking department heads every day in conversations I am having with companies across the globe.

The immediate response is “Oh, we have all the information in SharePoint, OneDrive…  etc.” My next question is always “How do they find the answer within those repositories?” The immediate reaction is always confusion about why I am asking. Most have never imagined there is any other way than spending time manually searching or reaching out to a peer to lead us to the information, as it has always been done.

That right there is the problem Lucy solves for. Many companies don’t even realize that this is a problem they have since it is just the circumstances we’ve all found ourselves in. Think of all the time wasted trying to track down the right asset and then combing through it for that specific answer hidden within the PowerPoint, PDF, or video.

Then think about how having answers readily available would change the way in which you work; to be able to find that exact answer you needed, wherever it lived within your company's knowledge base within seconds. 

I have had this conversation with different teams, numerous times, all with ways in which an answer engine could solve for:

  • Marketing, sales enablement, or insights teams who are bombarded and pulled away from current work with requests for material and information they have already shared. 
  • Human Resource teams who are inundated with questions from employees about health insurance, w-2, 401K, policies, etc.  
  • VP of Sales and their teams who are trying to respond quickly to RFPs that get held up waiting for a subject matter expert to respond.
  • Customer service teams who are on calls with existing customers and struggling to locate answers to quickly resolve an issue.

Many are dumbfounded because these challenges have always existed, but never have been addressed since this is the way it's “always been done.” Across the enterprise, knowledge is being forgotten, recreated, or unused because employees don’t have the capacity to search for the answer right when they need it. Costing organizations more time, effort, and money. Lucy is putting an end to this struggle.

A company that had done their own analysis determined that of the 10,000 employees in their organization, 5,000 of them were spending at least one hour a week searching for answers. They reported this was equal to 125 full-time employees with an average salary of $75,000 a year. With Lucy in place, they calculated over $9 million dollar savings each year.

With Lucy as the first line of defense, an organization becomes more efficient. Employees are empowered to easily access the information they need to do their jobs to the very best of their ability. As a 24/7 answer engine, Lucy relieves the strain on Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) allowing them to maintain focus on their own projects in a timely manner. 

When I relate it to my previous sales experiences, I remember RFIs (Requests for Information) taking weeks or a month to complete, much of the time waiting for the SME to respond to my request because I couldn't find the answers I was looking for. I could locate hundreds of documents but I still had to read through each one to try to get the correct answer, and hope it was the most current.

Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 2.49.52 PMI joined Lucy because I saw a solution that provided direct answers to all the questions quickly and accurately (not just the document but the specific answer in the document). Lucy is solving a real need in the marketplace that can change employee initiatives by allowing them to actually focus on the momentum of their work going forward. 

I came to Lucy because I saw a solution that provided the resource to find the answers to all the questions (not just the document but the specific answer in the document) quickly and accurately. She is solving a real need in the marketplace that can change employee initiatives by allowing them to actually focus on the momentum of their work going forward.

This is by far the best solution I have ever worked with. Lucy is changing the way answers are found and shared. This is not a sometime solution–she is solving challenges employees face every single day.

It is hard to imagine unless you see Lucy in action. Once I demonstrate her abilities, this is the point where I hear "WOW!" ... or even better ... "My mind is blown." We would love to hear your reaction: Schedule a WOW Demo with the Lucy Team Here

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