Webinar: How brands are uniting to ensure data quality


For client-side researchers who care about data quality: Be sure to join Tia Maurer, a 22-year research veteran in R&D at P&G, as she shares eye-opening evidence regarding the costly consequences of poor data quality on business decisions. Join Tia Maurer, group scientist and 22-year veteran in R&D with Procter & Gamble, for a first-hand account of the challenges she’s encountered in survey-based research.

Whether her experiences resonate or are eye-opening, you’ll walk away with an understanding of what’s broken and how P&G is addressing the issues.

You will also learn how P&G, Disney, Walmart, Ford and other brands are uniting to drive quality through CASE, an industry coalition working to create objective and auditable measures that ensure a quality foundation for marketing decisions.

Key Takeaways:

  • What issues are impacting the industry’s ability to ensure valid and reliable research findings.

  • What steps client-side researchers can take to ensure quality.

  • How client-side researchers can unite with their peers to create change. 

Lucy sponsors my advocacy for CASE/research excellence; and is sponsoring this encore of the CASE/P&G presentation. The Impact of Poor Data Quality on Business Decisions was originally presented, in-person, at Quirk’s Brooklyn 2020, and we had an overwhelming response.

Lucy, Tia and I hope you can join us for the encore!

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