What’s New with Lucy?

Lucy exists to amaze, delight, and empower knowledge workers.

This is our passion and what drives everything we do. Those that work with me know I start out every product presentation stating those guiding words. Why we build Lucy is the 50,000-foot view of our Roadmap. We keep it top of mind as we plan, build, test, and iterate on new features and ongoing improvements to the platform.

Lucy's Pillars

It was just over 6 months ago we launched the third generation of Lucy—a new foundation for amazing, delighting, and empowering knowledge workers. Since then, we have released dozens of new features that filled some critical needs of our clients and the marketplace. Including:

  • Improved question response time 30% and results relevance 10%.
  • Added support for new sources such as Tableau, KnowledgeHound, Statista, public websites, and more.
  • Notifications
    • Introducing Notification Center, a place to catch up on what's new.
    • Added Notifications for "A project was shared with me" and updates.
    • Added Notification for "New content added" per source.
  • Discover
    • A new feature that enables you to find new Answers and insights you didn't know you had.
    • Existing Market Intelligence becomes Discover Sources and Topics.
    • Added support for internal data in Discover pages.
    • Added support for Topics in Discover pages. Topic: Coronavirus is included. You can create your own for some additional charge.
  • Projects Improvements
    • Support for formatted notes allow you to build on the Answers you've added.
    • Comment on Answers to call out key items. Works great with collaborators!
    • Introducing Suggested Answers to help get new Projects started.
    • Redesigned exports to be more reflective of what's in Lucy.
    • Streamlined Add to Project flow UX to make it easier to add.

As we released these new features, there was no software to install. Our clients automatically benefitted by simply logging into Lucy.

There is so much yet to come. The entire Lucy team, prospects, clients, market leadership, and vendors will continue to shape Lucy--creating an indispensable tool for the everyday life of the Knowledge Worker.

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