How Marketeers can deliver remarkable impact through Product Innovation with AI

Podcast interview with Dan Mallin, co-founder and CEO of Equals 3 exploring how daily challenges of CMOs & marketers can be addressed with machine learning.

By listening to this podcast from Value Inspiration, you will learn three things:

  • How exponential value can be created by going beyond ‘just’ automation and embrace intelligence augmentation for any use case
  • Why the way to explore innovation opportunities is not about optimizing the process as such, but to find ways to eliminate the process all together to shift the focus to what really matters
  • And why investing in machine learning is not about value creation today, but even more about value creation tomorrow by using all new insights to just get better and better













How to Evaluate & Implement AI-Powered Knowledge Management

Implementing a new system business-wide can be a daunting task. We developed this guide to provide a process for successful evaluation and implementation of AI-powered knowledge management options.

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