How to Evaluate & Implement AI-Powered Knowledge Management

Empowering employees with simple access to the years of expansive research, data and assets that your business has created can not only save time and resources, but millions in redundant research costs.


What You'll Find in this Guide


Is an AI-Powered Management System Right for Your Business?

Your business is likely losing knowledge faster than it can be absorbed. Unshared knowledge costs time, wastes money, and affects performance company-wide. 


Defining the Implementation Process for a New System

Implementing a new system business-wide can be a daunting task. To ensure a successful implementation, it's best to identify specific use cases for a pilot program.


Driving Success Through Engagement and Adoption of the New System

Collaboration in key when it comes to driving change. Providing a focused vision for your new system garners buy-in throughout your business leading to higher engagement.

Who is This For?

Marketing Research and Insights Leaders

This guide was developed to provide fortune 1000s with a process for successful evaluation and implementation of AI-powered knowledge management options.

Actionable Advice & Bonus Evaluation Questions

The following sections will help you to evaluate different systems, plan for implementation, and deploy a successful solution:

  • Assess for Fit – Is this right for me?
  • Identify Where to Start
  • Prepare for a New System
  • Drive Engagement & Adoption
  • Determine Goals & Measure Success
  • Bonus Section: AI-Powered Knowledge Management Evaluation

How Knowledge Management Systems Change Your Business


Lucy solves a problem businesses have been grappling with for years - how to effectively managed all of the information living across different systems and file types. With Lucy, finally all of an organization's accumulated knowledge can easily be found and leveraged. It's not just about search, it's about finding the right and most relevant information. Lucy is transforming businesses that depend on knowledge management. 

Greg Smith
Chief Operating Officer

Empower your Business with Knowledge Management

Leveraging the information your business stores across systems and file types will increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve productivity.