Information In, Impact Out: Transforming Customer Data Into Decisions Takes a Trifecta



In this era of accelerated digital transformation and customer fixation, organizations are accumulating record volumes of customer data. But only 23% of business leaders say they are able to act on all or most of what they collect. Information intended to embed customer empathy is, instead, inducing overwhelm and underutilization.

The gap? Too often, these treasure troves of knowledge aren’t easily accessible, digestible, or actionable. And no single solution provider has the toolbox to take on this multilayered challenge. In response, three companies with complementary expertise in the areas of knowledge platform software, AI-powered knowledge management, and customer centricity operationalization are uniting to ensure customer data does indeed fuel business decisions companywide.

In this interview, Kristi Zuhlke (KnowledgeHound), Scott Litman (Lucy), and Camille Nicita (Gongos) discuss their integrated approach to helping organizations achieve real impact by setting information and individuals in motion.