About Lucy®

Lucy exists to amaze, delight, and empower people with knowledge.

Lucy has been issued the following patents: 2017264388, 11016981, 10776367, 10482092, 10445329


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We are Lucy

Founded in 2015, Lucy® revolutionized enterprise operations with her innovative approach to knowledge management.  She was created to solve one of the most urgent and overlooked problems that exists in every organization: the daily scavenger hunt for information. 

Founded by Dan Mallin, Marc Dispensa and Scott Litman, Lucy champions the next frontier in knowledge management and sharing, leveraging AI to get customers the right answer, at the right time, no matter where it sits in the organization, without having to track it down or ask a colleague. She instantly frees capacity, breaks down knowledge silos and makes teams more productive - ensuring your employees’ precious time is spent driving forward the priorities that matter to your organization, not searching for information.


Our Leadership Team

Dan Mallin Headshot DAN MALLIN Founder & CEO
Marcupdates MARC DISPENSA Founder & CTO
Scott Litman Headshot SCOTT LITMAN Founder & Managing Partner
STEVE Fredrickson headshot STEVE FREDERICKSON Chief Product Officer
Chris K CHRIS KUMSHER Chief Financial Officer
Luke Burns headshot LUKE BURNS VP of Customer Success
Lisa Bergerson Headshot LISA BERGERSON VP of Marketing & Sales

The Human Side of AI

Lucy isn’t just a product or service—she is an experience. Our team understands the frustrations clients face trying to manage collective knowledge, that’s why we take a service-oriented approach to client relationships and we pride ourselves on being adaptable to meet their needs. Since the idea of AI might seem scary to some, we make a point to educate our clients during the adoption phase and get them on the right track to embrace Lucy as a member of their team.

Our Core Values


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Constant Evolution

We exist in a market of constant change—changing technologies and changing solutions. We need to constantly evolve in an effort to always stay ahead of these changes to deliver value to our customers that our competitors cannot match.

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Respond with Urgency

When our clients & associates have questions or issues, we take these to heart as if they were our own. We will promptly respond and then triage to determine the appropriate process. Throughout the process, we will communicate with thoughtful urgency to understand, clarify, respond and resolve.

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We are forever curious and always learning. We look for opportunities to experiment and push the envelope on what we will do next. We learn from the results of those experiments both positive and negative.

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Shared Ownership

We are all shareholders. We are all in this together. Together we are building this business, and together we will share in its successes and failures; everyone has a say.

Join the Lucy Team

A career at Lucy will give you the opportunity to embrace the future and be a part of something great. We’ve fostered a supportive culture that encourages both the personal and professional growth of our team members. We value your contributions above all, and support work-life flexibility that allows you to do your best work. We believe that the combination of people and technology is more powerful than either one alone.