Who Can Lucy Help?

Lucy exists to amaze, delight, and empower knowledge workers throughout your entire organization.



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Save Time, Money & Effort Across All Departments

No matter which department you are in it is clear—the status quo of searching for information is antiquated and costly on many levels. Lucy's technology plays a critical role in the new workplace by empowering team members to share knowledge resources and insights, collaborate more effectively, and operate in a do-it-yourself environment. The power of Lucy connects an entire organization together. 


Put Lucy to Work.

Teams can ask questions of reports, manuals, strategy decks, RFP responses, playbooks, technical documents and business videos across their organization—instantly getting an answer within the source document where it lives.

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The Human Side of AI

Lucy isn’t just a product or service—she is an experience. Our team understands the frustrations clients face trying to manage collective knowledge, that’s why we take a service-oriented approach to client relationships and we pride ourselves on being adaptable to meet their needs. Since the idea of AI might seem scary to some, we make a point to educate our clients during the adoption phase and get them on the right track to embrace Lucy as a member of their team.