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Employee Transition

People come and go. They get promoted, change roles, and change companies. When they move, the data that stays behind becomes an artifact. Everything they worked on, every project, every report that they know about, is effectively unavailable to the organization. It’s there, somewhere, in a file. Yet, if nobody knows about it, they’re not going to find it or use it.  Lucy ensures tribal knowledge is preserved and can be easily leveraged.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Through the M&A process, most companies will experience times of rapid change. There can be a huge transfer of data and knowledge, as well as a huge disruption of people. Lucy is the perfect solution as she can automate a seamless transfer of information, preserve valuable historical knowledge and keep employees up to speed with answers living within the influx of new data.

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The Document Hunt

Storage systems require users to recall document titles, dates, or tags to search. This limits how people search for content and doesn’t point to answers or specific data within documents. Furthermore, categorization of documents is rarely consistent between people and teams, making it even harder to find information. Lucy ensures everyone finds the right content at the right time.

Dependence on Experts

Regardless of processes put into place to document and train other employees, individuals still reach out to the experts for one-off requests on a regular basis, taking subject matter experts away from their priorities. Productivity is slowed on both sides of the equation. Lucy unifies the knowledge living across the organization and makes it easy to retrieve. She empowers team members to  operate in a do-it-yourself environment

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Redundant Research

Individuals receive assignments not knowing all that has been done by past agencies, peers or predecessors. With no effective way to search, often work gets repeated. The redundancy creates all kinds of inefficiencies and results in millions of wasted dollars. Lucy’s ability to mine prior research, subscriptions and tools stops the cycle.

Technical Documentation

In many large organizations, existing systems may have been designed and deployed by prior teams, contractors or vendors no longer engaged and the “know how” often lost. Lucy can use the source documentation, training manuals, FAQ’s and other supporting material to provide those long lost answers.

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