Lucy® and Machine Learning

Lucy® is designed to continuously learn and improve, advancing her into the realm of the cognitive.

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Lucy automatically indexes your content.

From day one, Lucy is hard at work mastering your content using machine learning, so that she can give you the best answer engine experience possible. Her learning process is automatic, so you’ll spend little to no time training Lucy.

Lucy learns from your feedback.

As you provide her with constructive feedback, Lucy gains a better understanding of her role at your company. She is immediately capable of doing her job and only gets smarter and better every day that she’s on your team.

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Lucy uncovers market and competitive intelligence you didn't know you had.

Lucy understands natural language input. Simply ask her a question just like you would another coworker, and she’ll give you answers. This is especially useful if you’re not quite sure what information it is you need—ask her a general question, and she will help you narrow it down.

Lucy uses award-winning, patented technology.

The experienced industry leaders behind Lucy help enterprises take advantage of cutting-edge digital transformation.

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Innovation Award for IoT and Emerging Technology

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Marketing Technology Trailblazers

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A-List & Creative Award

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Analytics 50

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Cool Vendor List for AI Solutions

Put Lucy to work for you.

Lucy is a valued employee at enterprise corporations around the nation (including 18+ Fortune 1000 companies). She empowers her coworkers to find answers with ease, which frees up valuable time and boosts organizational productivity.

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