Lucy is an AI-Powered Knowledge Management system that has saves Fortune 1000 companies thousands of hours and millions of dollars by making terabytes of accumulated knowledge, that lives across their systems accessible.
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Lucy empowers a company's employees to easily access the abundance of content or data a company has collected over the years using a sophisticated AI-Powered Knowledge Management tool. Lucy helps eliminate wasted time due to redundant work and mitigate knowledge loss due to employee turnover.
Have you quantified how much time you spend searching for content? The information exists, but you aren’t sure where to find it. In addition to you and your teammates spending a significant amount of time searching (sometimes even recreating the content when you can't find it), many teammates serve as subject matter experts, spending hours each week answering questions for others based on their significant depth of knowledge in an individual area.
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Lucy helps team members across an entire organization, and is not limited to a single division or group. How many people within your organization could leverage Lucy as a system to save time searching for content or data and sharing knowledge? *

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This is just one way to calculate the ROI that Lucy offers. Not only will she find ways to give you valuable time back, but she will become one of your most loyal and dedicated team members. We'd love to introduce you to Lucy with a customized demo.

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