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We work with best-of-breed technology partners to create enterprise knowledge portals that propel data-driven action through answers and insights.


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Instantly discover and visualize answers buried in your customer research with KnowledgeHound. KnowledgeHound's search-driven analytics platform is trusted by the world's leading brands to transform survey data into decisions.


GWI (formerly GlobalWebIndex) is a target audience company that provides consumer insight across 47 countries to the world’s leading brands, communication agencies and media organizations. The company runs a global survey representing more than 2 billion connected consumers, which offers up over 40,000 data points on the behaviors and perceptions of internet users around the world.


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Gongos, Inc. is a consultative agency that places customers at the heart of business strategy. Partnering with insights, analytics, marketing, strategy, and customer experience groups, Gongos operationalizes customer centricity by helping companies both understand their customer needs and deliver on them better than anyone else.


Structural is a best-in-class analytics platform for visualizing people data. Structural is an all-in-one people directory that uses data rich profiles, intelligent search, and real-time insight to connect organizations of 50 to 50,000.

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