Pricing for Lucy®

Lucy offers flexible pricing packages tailored to meet the specific needs and budgetary requirements of each client. 

Features are fully customizable including data indexing, connected repositories, and custom integrations. Our simple pricing model allows you to easily add users and capabilities as needed.

We will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and determine the ROI of having Lucy on your team. You can trust that having Lucy on board is worth her salary!

The fastest insight you can
action is knowledge you already have.”
TMRE Keynote: Kirti Singh, Chief Analytics and Insights Officer Proctor & Gamble

Bundles Starting at $49.5K 

Lucy is a SaaS solution and offers pre-packaged options which provide a cost-effective bundling of Lucy’s capabilities based on the enterprise size and data needs. All set-up and integration fees are included as part of the Lucy subscription.

The best way to determine the right package and value for your organization is to schedule a demo, discuss your use case and learn what is included with each Lucy package. 

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Lucy is your solution for knowledge management.

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Answer EngineSM

Lucy gives you specific answers instead of just search results and provides their exact location within your source file.

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Quick to Deploy

Lucy efficiently unifies access to information across your existing internal systems using convenient integrations.

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Data Stays Secure

Lucy natively works with your data without moving it, giving you greater control over your security.

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AI Auto Tagging

Lucy acquaints herself with your content by quickly tagging assets and generating rich metadata.

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