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Knowledge workers spend up to 25% of their time every week searching for information they can’t find. Lucy can solve this problem, turning hours into minutes. 

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Lucy is proud to be working for:

Uploading is obsolete: Lucy automates data indexing.

Lucy has indexed over 50 million pages of content from thousands of sources. 

By operating with the data where it natively lives, Lucy ensures users always have access to the most up-to-date
information and eliminates the painful uploading process of other platforms.  That process continues even after the platform has been deployed.  It’s ultimately time-consuming, labor intensive, and often results in mistakes that can influence the quality of the results the platform returns.  Lucy continually reads, learns, and provides insights from all the documents in your internal files and systems.

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This unique ability called Lucy SynopsisSM allows Lucy® to join the conversation on communication channels such as Teams or Slack. 




Lucy is the perfect addition to your team.

Lucy offers a new generation of efficiency with ROIs as simple as reducing strain on overworked professionals and as powerful as millions of dollars saved by avoiding redundant research.

Enterprise teams love Lucy.

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Answer EngineSM

Lucy gives you specific answers with their exact location within your source files, not just a list of search results.

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Quick to Deploy

Lucy efficiently unifies access to information across your existing internal systems using effortless integrations.

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Data Stays Secure

Lucy natively works with your data without moving it, giving you greater control over security.

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AI Auto Tagging

Lucy acquaints herself with your content by quickly tagging assets and generating rich metadata.


Put Lucy to work for you.

Lucy is a valued employee at enterprise corporations around the nation (including 18+ Fortune 1000 companies). She empowers her coworkers to find answers with ease, which frees up valuable time and boosts organizational productivity.

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