Why Hire Lucy®?

Enterprises today are so inundated with data that it’s a challenge to find what you need. With Lucy on the job, you’ll have the fastest path to answers hidden in your data.

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Lucy solves common problems.

Below are just some of the reasons our clients have hired Lucy. Does your company face similar problems?

  • Time & money lost on redundant research.
  • Inefficiency in how insights and knowledge are shared.
  • No standard tagging or labeling of data.
  • Inability to leverage video assets such as focus groups.
  • Too much dependence on subject matter experts.
  • Knowledge lost with employee turnover.

Lucy excels at market and competitive intelligence.

Lucy helps companies take advantage of their most valuable assets through AI-powered knowledge management, acting as a single gateway to your enterprise knowledge.

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Easy, Intuitive Interface

Simply ask Lucy a question using natural language and she’ll return your most relevant data.

Targeted Results

Lucy shares the exact spot she found your answer and a link back to the original source.


Lucy also provides the ability to find answers through multilevel metadata, keywords, and document filtering.

Lucy makes knowledge management easier.

With Lucy on your team, you’ll be able to quickly and securely access all your available data sources to find the best answers to your questions.

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Put Lucy to work for you.

Lucy is a valued employee at enterprise corporations around the nation (including 18+ Fortune 1000 companies). She empowers her coworkers to find answers with ease, which frees up valuable time and boosts organizational productivity.

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