Integrations for Lucy®

With Lucy® on your team, lost knowledge is a thing of the past. She works with your existing tools and sources to help you leverage legacy knowledge and glean valuable insights.

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Lucy has automated integrations with your file systems.

When you hire Lucy, you can count on her to learn all knowledge assets across your enterprise, no matter their location. Anytime something new is added or information is updated, she learns that too.

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Lucy also connects with many popular third-party data sources. Her integrations are always growing based on the needs (or requests) of clients. If you need a specific system or subscription source, feel free to contact us to see if Lucy can work with it.

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Your data is safe with Lucy.

Lucy doesn’t require you to move assets from any of your secured internal systems, helping you remain compliant with security and privacy requirements.

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Why Lucy

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Machine Learning

Lucy learns every time you provide feedback for her answers and makes continuous improvements over time.

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Lucy has 20+ enterprise file management software integrations and connects with many popular third-party sources.

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Lucy lets you keep your data secure and allows you to assign specific user access levels at your discretion.

Lucy helps build knowledge portals.

Lucy gives your organization a data-driven advantage. By working with best of breed technology partners, she finds answers across your people data, survey results, and other critical marketing information, going beyond your traditional informational asset search.

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KnowledgeHound is a search-driven analytics platform helping the world's leading brands unlock the enormous potential buried within their survey data.


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GWI (formerly GlobalWebIndex) is the leading supplier of audience insight to the global marketing industry.


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Structural is an all-in-one people directory that uses data-rich profiles, intelligent search, and real-time insight to connect organizations of 50 to 50,000.


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Gongos operationalizes customer centricity by helping companies both understand their customer needs and deliver on them better than anyone else.


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