Lucy® Works Where You Work

Not one size fits all. Organizations and employees use diverse applications and search methods. With Lucy's multiple access routes, she joins users where they are—enhancing adoption rates and user experience.

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Lucy Web App

With her core website application, Lucy becomes an indispensable resource, offering comprehensive knowledge, discovery, and full answer units at your fingertips

Embedded Lucy

Lucy Embedded brings her chat capabilities directly into your existing applications, website, or tools enhancing employee or customer-facing experience.

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Lucy for Chat

Bring Lucy to your Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Chat, or Zoom channels, where you can tag her and get instant access to information and assistance right within your messaging platform.

Lucy for Copilot

Lucy provides knowledge to Copilot via Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Your company knowledge from any source, in any format, becomes the cited bibliography for your generative AI.

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Put Lucy to work for you.

Lucy is a valued employee at enterprise corporations around the nation (including 18+ Fortune 1000 companies). She empowers her coworkers to find answers with ease, which frees up valuable time and boosts organizational productivity.

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