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The main reason I'm currently loving Lucy is ...

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" The opportunity to find what I'm looking for within a couple of seconds
" Inspires me!
" this is the my internal google!! Love it
" This is a great way to find the locations/information we need in a environment where that is not often possible.
" It has already shown me some new sources that I did not know we had access to. This appears to be a fast way to get across knowledge sources.
" Is excellente source of inspiration
" easy way to reach existing resources, saving time, providing ideas and resourceful know-how on various topics
" I love Lucy - great resource for global learnings, best practices and TEMPLATES
" user friendly platform, no login to remember, saves time
" love it!
" Because it rocks
" love that it is a one stop shop for all of the things i need to find as a sales person. there are so many diffcerent systems that it is nice to have all of those resources in one spot
" single source of info
" one stop shop
" it is easy and fast!
" there is useful materials from another countries, also from Center of Expertise, from Sector. yes, still this resource need to be developed, but only in several months a big progress regarding materials has happened.
" "I am a big fan.I find sharing experiences and learning from others a genuine way of getting better every day."
" Makes finding things easier
" very useful
" Helps with insights
" Great place to start looking when you need to find something!
" it is helping me to get basic information on a new market, without actually looking for a contact in that.
" The access to different materials
" Perfect tool for quickly finding the information you need
" great place to start when doing data discovery for external data assets.
" Lucy is smart and helps me connect with my colleagues from all over the world
" You can find info you were looking for easily and without disturbing others.
" Easy to use!
" Great tool, providing insights from so many different angles!
" Simple search function!
" The global vision of the tool and the agility where we can find information.
" Its super quick to find information I am looking for. I love Lucy !
" It acts as a central hub for data and information sharing and gathering, you can ask almost anything!
" Easy to use and a great repository I can source info from no matter the time. Great way to stay connected all round.
" Ease of use and relevant information on portal
" Because its easy to navigate and search the contect
" Great first-stop resource for all questions and proejcts.
" So easy to use!
" Able to answer my questions much quicker with relevant data all pulled together vs. spending hrs searching through old presentations
" easy to use
" It's a fast and easy tool to answer most questions, even if they are complex, it can give you a guideline.
" To answer most of the questions I have about work products
" Finiding relevant content, sources, to make the ideas working on develop in better way.
" It is easy and super fast platform
" It is learning and therefore easier to find the report or information I need.
" ease of access to new information
" A consistent source of accurate information
" "ease of useease of access to information"
" Great pooling of content to assist in finding info in an easy way
" Daily questions can be answered fast with credible data that is already available
" time saver
" So much best practice available
" easy to use
" Fantastic access to information that is updated very regularly. Also easy to find with
" All contents in one place.
" It is great to have visibility to the amazing work that our global counterparts are doing and to be able to "lift and shift" templates and concepts into our markets.
" Depth and breadth of use cases, best practice etc
" Wealth of knowledge and sources for my shopper and category questions
" Easy access to information across the system
" easy way to reach existing resources, saving time, providing ideas and resourceful know-how on various topics
" Great tool, I have lots information!
" this is the my internal google!! Love it
" Relevant insights for my questions
" Relevant insights for my questions
" fast reach to insights all over the world:)
" it's easy to navigate
" Easy access to wide range of insight
" It's super fast to help us answer key questions as it leverages on what the organization has done in the rest of the world!
" Lucy has helped me find reports and insights fairly quickly, which has been helpful.
" finding quick answers to questions that I wasn't sure what person in the org to ask about
" It's exactly what our company needs to manage a shared frameworking of learning.
" It understands English and finds me stuff that I did not get for a while!
" place that is growing knowledge depository day after day, Thanks!
" This is modernising how we share information & best practices - great to see !
" a lot of information in the same place; very helpful materials
" so fast and such a wealth of information available
" It is very friendly and easy to navigate
" always lots of interesting projects to review
" It is quite helpful to search for data
" It is getting better every day! Great job!!
" very convenient and has lots of info
" great source to find a lot of information on diverse commercial topics & channels
" amazing team and bic tool vs other advertisers
" Easy to use
" Lucy is useful
" The time that it saves me to find the information that I need
" Love finding quick research nuggets!
" is my go to to every enquire I have...
" The main reason I love Lucy is because it saves me a lot of time when looking for available studies around the world.
" a big box of informations
" its easy and fast
" It does the searching/reading for me when I need something quickly.
" Delivers on it's objective - 'everything in one place' for knowledge, best practice, information, playbooks and toolkits - IT'S FANTASTIC !
" Lucy makes us smarter and also allow us to work in a more agile way
" ease of use
" I could find useful data which I could not find at any other place.
" The ease of obtaining information
" It's easy! And I know how to get in.
" easy of use
" It is super easy and intuitive!!!!
" It saves a lot of time for me to find the information from one source.
" love the new look & ease of navigation!
" Easy access to the main links I use on a daily basis.
" Access to information from around the world quickly and easily.
" Great visual experience as well as ease of use and finding what we need!
" Sharing content and learning from others
" Because you can find best practices, sales content, ideas, inspiration, learning, etc.. love Lucy
" easy to find very usefull information
" Lucy is my first most supportive virtual colleague!
" Terrific site - the home of our best practices !
" You can find it all!
" Lucy is a good source of good practices, insight and successful business cases.
" Time saver to easily find what you need of things you know that exist + gives visibility on work that you can leverage that you do not know exist
" I found everything that I need
" so easy to pull information, ask question to seek information you're looking for, finally a digital solution!
" These are the kinds of steps we need to make to digitize our business.
" I liked Lucy because it provides many information you didn't know you needed due to the artificial intelligence resource.
" so many ways to utilize Lucy to collect important data for projects
" such valuable insights and learnings from other markets on innovations
" really good interface
" This is an amazing tool - I used it this morning to find a narrative to describe org programs and it found the perfect example!
" seems is really smart
" give the possibility to facilitate the transfer knowledge and leveraging best practices coming from different Countries
" connecting to our orgs' know-how
" Easy access to global information - best way to first review possible answers to business questions
" Really cool
" fast and easy way to find playbooks, best practices, etc
" everyone should know about Lucy - amazing resource
" It's a great resource to find information easily.
" accuracy of the answers and the significant level of data available
" It´s a great tool for learning
" lots of best practices to share and easy to use
" It saves me a lot of time.
" It's a one stop shop for so many useful bits.
" Ease of access to insights and research
" my go to always!
" Easy to navigate and love all the immediate info I get
" I love Lucy because I can learn from others, answer questions in a more agile way and share my work
" It has been a really useful portal for anything related to our company
" Porque siempre hay información actual de diferentes temas y que ayudas a seguir construyendo y aprendiendo mucho!
" Easy access to great inspiration and information
" helping me research my new product space
" big tank of information and insights
" Facilitates research
" It is a powerful and friendly tool that allows a broader business vision, and promotes curiosity for learning.
" It is a very enjoyable platform, I love it because I can find the information I need for my work and communication with my team.
" sensacional
" So much knowledge in this app
" Its easy and there is a wealth of information there!
" 1 platform with diversity
" it holds tons of best practices and connects us well with other regional work
" Loved to see so many of our global insights team congregating at one place. Great works being showcased and a nudge to participate in it.
" easy to use
" it is easy to find different topics, source of inspiration and Knowledge
" Useful content
" The main reason I'm currently loving how simple it is to investigate issues as they are top of mind in my space (CX)
" Easy access to reports/solutions/ideas from other parts of the world for inspiration. No need to re-invent the wheel :)
" Very useful expecially for little market unit like Italy
" easy 1 step to find what you're looking for.
" easy to use
" All knowlegde in the same and friendly site
" it has a lot of valuable information
" Easy to use
" This is the place to start research for a project - It is a great way to gather facts and begin organizing your thoughts.
" I love Lucy because I can find information at the speed of my needs!
" it is helpful
" One stop shop for my teams' needs
" I can find information quickly without having to send e-mails and wait for international time zone responses.
" amazing
" Simple way to get information across our systems
" Easy to use platform... Gives summary of your query.
" rich content !
" super useful
" easy to ask questions
" Great way to find information
" Ease of access
" Lucy is brilliant and helps me be more effective in my job
" "fast helper in chatwide range of cases from sector (s)playbooks data source"
" It is really easy to find inspiration, examples and best practices!
" knowledge at my fingertips
" Lucy is the source of all org knowlegde! super easy, on chat too!
" Best practice stories
" It is the first thing I go to if ever a new topic or project kicks off. It's my go-to.
" it is one stop shop for all queries
" Time saving & efficient tool
" Quick link to useful materials.
" easy to use
" Very easy to find relevant insights
" practical fast and reliable
" - latest news, insights, useful materials.
" It help us to find right information quickly
" She saves me time
" Great tool, providing insights from so many different angles!