Quirk's Webinar: Are Your Vendors Establishing Fiefdoms at Your Expense?

Creating a Tech Ecosystem That Works

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Not sure how to create a tech ecosystem that works? Do you wish that your vendors would work together instead of in silos? Are you wasting time digging through the numerous, disparate data sources to find the answer you need now? If so, this webinar is for you. You’ll learn that creating the technology ecosystem you need starts with vendor collaboration. It may seem scary but we promise we can make it easy and impactful.

Industry pioneers Scott Litman from Lucy and Kristi Zuhlke from KnowledgeHound will prove that vendor collaboration is possible and will share their tips and tricks on how to make it happen.

You will come away learning:

  • How Fortune 500 companies have created successful technology ecosystems.
  • That you are a dinosaur if your vendors aren’t collaborating.
  • How to motivate all your vendors to work together – understand why they may not want to and learn how to motivate them to take action for you.

Meet Your Co-Hosts

kristi_circleAfter 6+ years in a Consumer Market Knowledge role at P&G, Kristi Zuhlke branched out to co-found KnowledgeHound, a Chicago, IL startup with a mission to unlock the potential hidden in every organizations' survey data.


Scott_Circle_smallScott is an entrepreneur in search of new ways technology can advance the mission of knowledge workers from sales, marketing and research & insights. From the early days of the Internet and the first websites, to business portals of the dot com era to the latest generation of artificial intelligence — Scott has a long history of building businesses that help Fortune 1000 marketers and the agencies that serve them, take advantage of cutting-edge digital transformation.

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