Greenbook: KM Insights Tech Showcase 2023


Lucy®: Your Answer Engine℠ for Federated Search
Lucy unlocks and harnesses the vast insights and knowledge your company owns and licenses. She indexes data from dozens of sources and data types, creates metadata tags, ranks, and learns the content at phenomenal speed and scale.

Hear directly from Lucy's Chief Product Officer Steve Fredrickson on how Lucy's 4th generation Answer Engine℠ was intentionally designed to prioritize the content itself and the individuals who created it—fostering new connections and opportunities for collaboration, breaking down data silos, and facilitating knowledge sharing across the departments.
 Steve Frederickson 
 Chief Product Officer



Steve Frederickson creates technology to enable people, and he serves as shepherd to the future of Lucy the product. Steve is an inventor, entrepreneur, and user experience expert who brings a decade of product management and software engineering experience to the team. In past lives, he has built and launched products to a billion-plus user base in Big Tech along with founding two startups of his own. His passion is for bringing everyone to the table in order to create technology that solves real problems for real people.





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