KMWorld 2021

Webinar: Driving Adoption & ROI: Start with the Use Case

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Scott Litman discusses on the importance of starting with the use case to drive adoption and ROI. Internal intelligence is one of your biggest competitive assets. A tremendous amount of information lives in PowerPoints, PDFs, videos, and Word Documents and more. This data is the most difficult to extract from yet some of the most valuable data a company owns as time, money and energy was spent converting data into knowledge. It’s a constant challenge to find the information when needed, especially when information is spread across repositories and geographies. Knowledge workers constantly run into the challenge of wasting hours every week trying to find information that lives within their company’s files and systems. There is significant ROI to be gained in the process of managing accumulated knowledge—however, there are still plenty of challenges since driving change isn't as easy as just buying a knowledge management tool. Join us to explore how to avoid common pitfalls and define your specific goals for the best outcome.

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Scott Litman Eomar WebinarScott Litman
Managing Partner, Lucy

Scott Litman is an entrepreneur in search of new ways technology can advance the mission of chief marketing officers, advertising, and media agencies. From the early days of the Internet and the first websites to business portals of the dot com era to the latest generation of 1:1 marketing — integrating sales, service, and marketing.

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