ESOMAR Webinar: PepsiCo's quest to democratize knowledge

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Kate Schardt, Sr. Director of Ada Global Insights Platform at
PepsiCo is joined by Scott Litman, co-founder of Lucy, and Babita Earle, EVP of Enterprise at Zappi, to walk through Pepsi's quest to empower every employee with insight. Whether it's the importance of user-centricity in program design, or managing the breakneck pace of technology innovation within a complex vendor ecosystem, they'll share the highs and lows of Pepsi's ongoing journey to attain a true learning culture. You'll come away with a better understanding of the key barriers to insights transformation and practical steps to take to minimize them in your own journey.

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Kate Schardt Pepsi WebinarKate Schardt
Sr. Director, Ada Global Insights Platform, PepsiCo

Kate leads the Digitization Center of Excellence within the Ada Global Insights capability team. She joined PepsiCo more than 7 years ago and has previously worked in the Global Snacks division leading innovation insights. Before joining PepsiCo, she worked as a Client Consultant at The Nielsen Company in the BASES division where she helped her global CPG clients optimize and validate brand restages and innovation pipeline development.

Babita Earls Pepsi WebinarBabita Earle
EVP Enterprise and Strategic Partnerships, Zappi

At Zappi, Babita is responsible for looking after Zappi’s most important customers, collaborating on product design, digitization strategies and change management, with a goal to elevate the role of Insights professionals within organizations. Babita has more than 20 years industry experience, anchored mostly in tech, commercial and digital roles. Babita is a member of the Main UK MRS Board, as well as the advisory board of WIRe.

Scott Litman Pepsi WebinarScott Litman
Managing Partner, Lucy

Scott Litman is an entrepreneur in search of new ways technology can advance the mission of chief marketing officers, advertising, and media agencies. From the early days of the Internet and the first websites, to business portals of the dot com era to the latest generation of 1:1 marketing — integrating sales, service, and marketing.

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