Part 2 of 3 part series: 

PepsiCo's quest for digital insights adoption

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Developing and deploying technical innovation is just the first step in enabling digital insights. The next step, and arguably most critical, is integrating it into working practice. “If you build it, they will come” does not work, despite the best strategic intentions. It is imperative to plan and implement effective adoption and engagement strategies, alongside the technical capabilities.

Join PepsiCo, Lucy, and Zappi in this follow-up to the first in the series: “PepsiCo’s Quest to Democratize Knowledge.” They will walk us through their first-hand experience on how to effectively tackle adoption. They’ll examine the implications of this process for a global enterprise and the roles each of them needed to play for it all to come together. You will learn tips to overcome the common hurdles of change management and the importance of leadership and storytelling, including five key strategies (and examples!) PepsiCo used to move from deployment to successful adoption.

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 Sioned Winfield

 Marketing, Insights and Transformation Director, PepsiCo

Accomplished and passionate marketer with 20 years of experience in developing and implementing growth strategies on some of the world's biggest food and drink brands. Proven track record of delivering disruptive strategies, taking calculated risks, and building highly engaged and focused teams. Extensive experience gained in the UK and global marketing and insights roles, managing within matrix organizations and through multi-market remote teams.



 Katie O'Connor

 Head of research solutions, Zappi

Katie O’Connor is an experienced market researcher, curating insights to help brands create brands, products, and ads that people love. She’s deeply curious about consumer behavior and loves to share this knowledge and insight with brands. As the Head of Research Solutions at Zappi, Katie works with leading CPG and QSR companies to develop digital research solutions that accelerate insights and help brands make better, more human-centered decisions.

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 Scott Litman

 Co-founder, Lucy

Scott Litman is an entrepreneur in search of new ways technology can advance organizations' mission. From the early days of the Internet and the first websites to business portals of the dot com era and then 1:1 marketing, and now the latest generation of AI—\Scott has a broad history of building businesses that help clients take advantage of cutting-edge digital transformation.

Today, Scott is the Co-founder of Lucy, Lucy® helps enterprise teams make the most of their data. Built for the Fortune 1000, she reads, listens, watches, and learns all of the data you share with her—a one-stop AI-powered knowledge platform for all the information you own and license. The needs of our clients shaped her, and she continues to evolve with the market. Lucy exists to amaze, delight, and empower knowledge workers.


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