Tag You're It! Automating Data Discovery

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The key to making data discoverable is metadata. But how does one go about tagging terabytes of company information? To do so, your company will inevitably face ongoing process challenges, particularly monumental labor requirements. Even then, the tags are often inadequate; when tagging is performed at the document level, most architectures lead users to a long list of relevant documents based on keywords. This leaves users to sift through lengthy documents in search of the specifics they need. Only time or luck will help them uncover that chart hidden on page 32 of one document or the relevant paragraph on page 112 of another.

How do you expedite the tagging process, while also making data truly discoverable and usable? Through scrupulous automated tagging, on every page or element of a document. This enables users to quickly find needles embedded within massive haystacks of data. Join Scott Litman, Managing Partner of Lucy, and Rahul Singhal, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Innodata, as they describe the latest advances in automated tagging across themes, keywords, locations, brands, and more. Learn how these new technologies take on all the heavy lifting–more than an army of people could accomplish – by automatically tagging every page, at multiple levels, across terabytes of data assets.

Access the webinar learn how to:
– Turn content into a valuable commodity
– Create greater data discovery accuracy across all departments
– Bring together the benefits of out-of-the-box and custom metadata solutions
– Enhance your organization with new efficiencies and increased productivity

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Scott Litman

Founder & Managing Partner of Lucy





Rahul Singhal

Chief Marketing Officer Innodata





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