TMRE@home: The Case for a Knowledge Portal:
What is your user story?

Knowledge Professionals are dealing with navigating through too many files, systems, and tools to find what they need. To take advantage of all of the available information equates to 10 plus tabs open and asking the same question in system after system. This is why so many large enterprises are now deploying complete knowledge portals, capable of linking together all knowledge that can include answers from internal documents & subscriptions, data visualizations from databases, and linking together critical tools. The vision: a one-stop-shop for knowledge.

Though these emerging systems have powerful capabilities, it is imperative to first understand whom you are building the system for and what you hope to achieve. It can’t just be about a vision of the tech. Your approach needs to be about how a real problem is solved in a material way.

In this session, we will look at how to focus on the problems you and your team are experiencing, define your user story, and identify your goals. By getting your ducks in a row first, your organization will be better equipped to successfully implement the new technology, while driving successful adoption and a positive ROI.