Lucy®, Your AI-Powered
Knowledge Management Assistant

The answer lies somewhere in your data. Hiring Lucy makes it easy to leverage business insights across your enterprise. It all starts with asking Lucy a question.

Lucy securely integrates with internal files and systems.

(Including your third-party subscriptions.)

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Get the right answers, right now.

Lucy reads, watches, listens and remembers all you’ve shared to provide specific answers and meaningful insights from text, audio, video and more!


Lucy is the perfect addition to your team.

Lucy is unlike any other knowledge management system on the market. From day one, she goes right to work learning your data so she can help you find the answers you need, making business, market and competitive intelligence research easier than ever.

Enterprise teams love Lucy.

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Precise Answers

Lucy gives you specific answers with their exact location within your source files, not just a list of search results.

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Quick to Deploy

Lucy efficiently unifies access to information across your existing internal systems using effortless integrations.

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Data Stays Secure

Lucy natively works with your data without moving it, giving you greater control over security.

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AI Auto Tagging

Lucy acquaints herself with your content by quickly tagging assets and generating rich metadata.


Put Lucy to work for you.

Lucy is a valued employee at enterprise corporations around the nation (including 18+ Fortune 1000 companies). She empowers her coworkers to find answers with ease, which frees up valuable time and boosts organizational productivity.

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