As Seen on Greenbook: ChatGPT: Public vs. Private—where do we go from here?

To say ChatGPT has blown up in the last 8 months would be an understatement. It has not only sped up the pace of digital transformation; it has revolutionized search. A space that was previously dominated by a long list of hyperlinks—now has the capability to interact with results and beyond.

While Generative AI has captured the attention of the masses, questions emerge on how this technology can be infused into the apps employees use at work.  And what are the ramifications and policies related to working with Generative AI?

As we contemplate this, we need to understand that there are two major avenues for Generative AI. One is Public Generative AI which works with the mass of public data—think Bing, Bard, and ChatGPT. The second, Private Generative AI is a very similar technology that can be deployed inside of a company’s current applications and works with the data your company owns or licenses.

The policies, benefits, and use cases are very different between these public and private applications.

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