HR Leaders Innovating for Success and the Role Lucy Plays

In a recent Gartner survey, 50% of HR leaders named innovating for success as one of their top three priorities. Here at Lucy, this is music to our ears. The HR industry is starting to truly understand the power of technology and innovation in overall Talent and HR administration, including recruiting and retaining employees, simplifying onboarding, and proprietary knowledge management.

We talk to many business leaders who tell us that one of the fundamental issues their companies face is a complete fragmentation of data and knowledge. (PepsiCo discussed this with us during a webinar.)

  • This means HR specialists are… searching through different silos for HR policies, procedures, and other useful templates or manuals. People hours, sometimes days, are spent looking for content that should be easily searchable and found quickly.
  • This means HR specialists are… using costly resources and cycles to train new hires when a simple self-serve tool would save time.
  • This means HR specialists are… helping each individual employee with their individual issues instead of empowering employees to explore self-service solutions when it comes to benefits and other important information.

And guess how that translates to their companies? Huge losses of time and money.

This is where Lucy can step in and help. Our knowledge platform takes all your company’s data – and inherent knowledge – and makes it searchable. And while this type of technology helps companies in all departments, it can completely take your HR department to the next level.

Imagine being able to locate all of your important documents and meeting notes quickly. Imagine if that was true across your team, department and the various containers of knowledge inside your company.

Lucy will simplify onboarding, reduce the amount of time spent answering routine questions, and help employees find critical answers that are relevant to them. Knowledge finding and sharing becomes natural inside your organization and unleashes ideas and opportunities faster. Especially in the new world of hybrid work, where employees are working from a variety of places, Lucy will help keep processes and knowledge sharing moving smoothly.

Screenshot of Lucy answering employee question

Innovation and creativity in HR departments are hindered by two main things: lack of access to information and a default mentality of “this is how we’ve always done it.” Introducing a knowledge management system like Lucy also tackles multiple issues by delivering better information and saving time for your HR staff to innovate more effectively within your HR organization.

2023 can be an impactful year when business leaders lean into innovation – not only will it help employee morale, it contributes heavily to retention and recruitment.

Let Lucy power your technical overhaul this year. Employees prefer companies that make things easier for them to get real work done.

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