Johnsonville Chooses Lucy® to Liberate Its Corporate Knowledge

MINNEAPOLIS--()--Lucy®, the world’s leading AI-powered Answer Engine℠, today announced that Johnsonville, the nation’s leading sausage brand, has implemented the Lucy platform across its consumer, customer and product insights and marketing departments. Lucy equips Johnsonville employees with the exact information they need in the moment to do their jobs and boost efficiency, productivity, and decision-making.

Lucy acts as a 24/7 subject matter expert and immediately answers employees’ questions. When Johnsonville employees have a question or need a resource, instead of asking colleagues or spending hours digging for the information on shared drives and internal systems, they ask Lucy. She instantly scans Johnsonville’s entire corporate knowledge ecosystem and finds and surfaces the information employees need, taking them to the specific page, slide, or video time stamp where the information lives. Lucy also suggests different sources and ways to explore different topics to guide users along in their search journey and help them find new content. 

“Lucy has added immense value to our team. Marketing and innovation managers are turning to Lucy first with their questions, freeing up traditional subject matter experts to work on more complex and impactful business questions and projects,” said Karen Kraft, Associate Director of Consumer Insights & Analytics at Johnsonville. “Lucy also made a great first impression when one of our team members asked Lucy for an answer in a cross-functional meeting and was instantly able to supply the information the team needed to continue their discussion.”


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